WELCOME TO NONA’S NUTRITION NOTES – making traditions healthier.

Welcome! I’m Donna, a Registered Dietitian, moving into retirement after 30 years in clinical nutrition.

I’m starting this blog to uncover ways to keep the old but make it better. Discovering ways to pass along family recipes to the next generation, only healthier. I have three grown children, two granddaughters, and call the D.C. area home.

It is so important to me to eat right and remain active after 60.

My goals are to stay healthy, fit and create “Nona” memories with my grandchildren, something my own mom didn’t get the chance to do.

She died at a young age and therefore my children didn’t get to spend very much time with her.

My great aunts making a family  traditional recipe.
Great Aunts Ann and Netta making Sunday gravy.

I grew up in an very Italian family where tradition was everything. There was always pasta dinner on Sunday, and you could smell my mom’s “gravy” cooking for hours. And Giordano’s Italian bread was a regular staple.

Mom packaging up a Giordano's bread supply for the freezer.
Mom packaging up a Giordano’s bread supply for the freezer!

I have continued some of the Italian traditions with my family, such as the 7 Fishes Dinner on Christmas Eve, Sweet Pie at Easter, and my Aunt Net’s Oyster Crackers.

I want to keep the legacy alive for the next generation and pass on traditions, making them a bit healthier, while remaining authentic!

Welcome to my blog and follow me for tips on:

  • Lightening up traditional family recipes, with lower calorie ingredients.
  • Discovering healthy ways to stock the pantry for the grandkids, so you can feel good about what they choose.
  • Keeping it healthy while eating on the go, and determining the best of the worst fast food picks.
  • Uncovering ways to reduce medications with diet.
  • Finding ways to keep mind and body fit for hobbies not doctors. Remembering to take care of yourself first.